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Wavy Real Estate Thriving Business (Flash/CSS)

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Updated Flash detection article! Times change - and technology changes even faster. We've updated our Flash detection article with links to the best Flash detection system out there.
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Gradual Law Newest Templates:
Gradual Law has a clean layout and a print stylesheet. 1024-wide, CSS, XHTML 1.0 validated.

[ 1.31.07 ] Gradual Law has a clean layout and a print stylesheet. 1024-wide, CSS, XHTML 1.0 validated.

[ 12.29.06 ] We added Wavy Law and Wavy Photo (for photographers).

[ 12.20.06 ] Wavy Real Estate has a Flash movie with three rotating images and easy-to-change colors, text, and photos. 1024-wide, CSS, XHTML 1.0 validated.

[ 11.28.06 ] We've added Intensive PowerPoint templates.

[ 11.27.06 ] Intensive Auto and Business added.

[ 10.31.06 ] We've re-released Blue Nebula, updated to include SWFObject Flash detection and embedding.

[ 10.25.06 ] Smooth Blue has a liquid resizable layout, two- and three-column layouts, and clean, professional layout. ProStores version available as well. XHTML 1.0 validated.

[ 10.4.06 ] We've been hunkered down working on some exciting new things, including the new Boutique Pink series which features our first DHTML flyout menu using the OpenCube Infinite Menus software. Separate OpenCube license is required -- get it discounted from PixelMill. (Optional CSS-only menu free with FP, DW, and HTML templates.)

[ 8.29.06 ] Updated eWorld series with SWFObject code, so now the Swish movie version is HTML-validated.

[ 8.5.06 ] Intensive series has a very cool Flash icon menu as well as a main picture Flash text area. Stunning graphics! They feature a width for 1024x768. XHTML 1.0 validated. Currently available: Intensive Network (hosting template) and Intensive Wedding, with appropriate icons for each.

Thriving Business (Flash/CSS) Thriving Commerce Flash CSS Thriving Education Flash CSS
[ 7.28.06 ] Thriving series (Business, Commerce, Educaction) templates have a flexible Flash movie where you can change not just the text and image but also the text alignment, placement, and even fonts! They feature a width for 1024x768. XHTML 1.0 validated and gorgeous images from Getty.