John Galt's Templates: Beyond Cookie Cutter

About JGT...

John Galt's Templates is a subsidiary of Advantrics LLC, based in Davis, California. Originally created to hold PixelMill's very first FrontPage Themes, John Galt's Templates has evolved into a leading provider of FrontPage Web Templates and PowerPoint Templates. Our support documentation, customer service, and quality of design and coding have pleased countless numbers of customers.

Apart from providing quality web templates and PowerPoint templates, John Galt's Templates serves as our "playground." Here, we develop new techniques and new tools that are helpful to customers and other developers. We were the first to come out with web site templates with Flash text editable in HTML, accessibility-friendly web templates, and components to easily change the color of a web template. We aren't afraid to try new things, we aren't afraid to fail and try again, and we are more than happy to share our knowledge with others. We have consistently pushed the envelope in template design quality, components, and features, and are proud to have been able to inspire other developers in our field to improve their products as well.

John Galt's Templates is growing! Other artists have joined us and are in the process of making their own great products. We're hoping that their talents will further diversify our line of web templates and PowerPoint templates, and that their new ideas will inspire more people.

(Who is "John Galt"? Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.)

We are proud to be an associate of PixelMill. Visit PixelMill for the largest selection of quality FrontPage Web Templates, Dreamweaver Web Templates, HTML Templates, and PowerPoint Templates on the web, or for the most comprehensive support that you'll find anywhere.

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Meet our artists...

Corrie Corrie Haffly,
Senior Multimedia Developer

Corrie graduated from UC Davis with a degree in math, but used her strong design and web programming skills to bring John Galt's Templates to one of the top places of FrontPage Template development. Besides designing products, Corrie handles technical support and web site content along with her "real" work! Her personal assistant, Socks, a blue-eyed blue merle Australian Shepherd, likes to help her by hitting the "reset" button on her computer.
Chris Garcia,
Multimedia Developer

Graduating this coming winter from UC Davis with degrees in Computer Science and Psychology, Chris is among the newer members of the JGT team. With a passion for concept design, fueled mostly by pretzels and soda, Chris hopes to help keep John Galt's Templates on the cutting edge of template/web design. Out of pretzels and soda, it is rumored that Chris is perfectly capable of taking the lives of his fellow designers. Seriously.