John Galt's Templates: Beyond Cookie Cutter


FrontPage Tutorials

FrontPage Intro

  1. Introduction to Themes, Templates, & Webs
  2. FrontPage Interface Tour
  3. Previewing in a Browser
FrontPage Editing Basics
  1. Get Started with a Web Template - Make a New Web
  2. Add and Delete Pages From Your Web
  3. Using Navigation View
  4. Inserting Navigation/Link Bars
  5. Editing Navigation/Link Bars
  6. Inserting & Editing Page Banners
  7. Inserting Graphics
  8. Adding Text and Hotspots to Images
  9. Inserting Hyperlinks
  10. Paragraphs and Line Breaks
  11. Basic Theme Modifications

Make a FrontPage Template

  1. Creating a Theme.
  2. Theme Graphics.
  3. Theme Colors.
  4. Theme Fonts.
  5. Page Templates.
  6. Example.
  7. Thin-Bordered Boxes.
  8. Web Template.
  9. Make the Pages.
  10. Copy and Paste!
  11. .inf File
  12. .map File

Dynamic Web Templates

  1. Introduction
  2. DWT Web Packages
  3. DWT Packages
  4. Prepping Your Site
Swish basics
More Questions?
Any questions on something not found here? E-mail us! If you have questions about FrontPage 98, you may want to check out other tutorials on the web. Try IceMocha's or Paul Vineburg's tutorials. PixelMill also has a ton of great FP 2000 and 2002 tutorials.

Please let us know what you found most helpful! If you have opinions about these tutorials, please contact us and let us know!


FrontPage Tips (in no particular order)

Browser Compatibility Series

  1. Intro & Display Size
  2. Consistent Page Margins
  3. Background Images in Tables
  4. Form Fields

Building a Web Site Series

  1. Introduction
  2. Rough Cost Estimates
  3. Choose Your Tools
  4. Choose Your Template
  5. Domain Name
  6. Choose a Hosting Provider
  7. Content and Images
  8. Bells and Whistles
  9. Ecommerce
  10. Publishing Your Site
  11. Testing Your Site
  12. Marketing Your Site
  13. Improving Your Skills
  14. Give up? Hire Someone.