John Galt's Templates: Beyond Cookie Cutter


What's in the JGT Toolbox?

  • Adobe Photoshop. What we use for all our template designs.
  • Adobe Illustrator. For logo work and occasional detail work.
  • Macromedia Flash. Higher-end program used to create Flash movies and animations.
  • Swish. Affordable animation program used to create animations for some of our products.
  • TextPad. A great all-purpose text-editor. Free evaluation copy download.
  • - We love their great web color tool!

FrontPage & PowerPoint

  • Microsoft FrontPage / Microsoft PowerPoint. Go straight to the makers of FrontPage and PowerPoint.
  • FrontPage Stuff. This Website is designed to provide FrontPage 98 and FrontPage 2000 users with a quick reference to all the very best FrontPage tutorials, books, add ons and help available on the Internet.
  • Thomas Brunt's OutFront is a Microsoft FrontPage learning community.
  • is a "community for FrontPage Web Masters." Come here for tons of links and resources for FrontPage.
  • FrontPage Templates & Themes provides high-quality FrontPage web templates, FrontPage themes, tools, tutorials, training, FrontPage hosting and ecommerce information.

Development and Design

  • - Use their great web color tool, plus lots of clip art that you can buy for a low cost.
  • Webmonkey - The Web Developer's Resource. For tutorials and tips on all aspects of web development.
  • Lissa Explains it All - This HTML/web tutorial was made for kids, but is extremely helpful with learning HTML and even includes tutorials on more complex topics such as frames, cascading style sheets, and JavaScript.
  • -  More graphic and web tips, plus extensive discussion boards. Includes a great color table.
  • Fotosearch Stock Photos - Search dozens of stock photo sites at once!
  • - Excellent resource for all kinds of web development topics.
  • browser archive - Download past versions of browsers for testing purposes.