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JGT News Archive - 2005

We periodically clean out the home page news items and put them in here,
but we don't do anything else with them, so don't be surprised if there are some broken links or things that have changed. To help you out, we've put theme update information in the right column. Enjoy!


Clearly Sunset (CSS) Original Computer (Liquid CSS)
[ 7.18.06 ] New Clearly Sunset template with beautiful sunset imagery. Also take a look at our new Original series.

[ 7.12.06 ] Updated Azure templates with CSS layout and SWFObject code, as well as Swish movies with dynamic text and image (no need for Swish)!

[ 6.22.06 ] New Fine Cook and Fine Living templates have beautiful pastel illustrations within a contemporary layout.

[ 6.18.06 ] Lots of product updates. iWeb, Absolute, and Flex series have been updated with the SWFObject code, which provides both Flash detection and Flash embedding to resolve the IE Eolas patent issue. Also, we've released Blue Ring v3 - the popular Blue Ring template redone with CSS-based layout, contemporary fonts, and improved Flash movies.

[ 5.3.06 ] Dream Business has Getty images and a strong layout suitable for any business.

[ 3.28.06 ] New Web Impact has CSS-based layout and a Flash movie on the home page.

Clearly Computer FP (CSS) Clearly Vista FP (CSS) Clearly Hosting FP (CSS)

[ 3.18.06 ] Clearly series is a less-graphic intensive version of our Clarity templates, with links that don't require Photoshop to edit.

[ 3.12.06 ] Family First is a clean, non-profit or personal family web site with Flash animation on the home page and page titles (does not require Flash).

[ 3.5.06 ] We added Strong Marriage and Strong Real Estate to the mix.

[ 2.28.06 ] Blueprint Computer works well for simple sites with one level of navigation. Distinct, unique look.

[ 2.22.06 ] Strong Business has an interesting, contemporary layout with a clean look and feel. CSS layout used.

iWeb Earthy Wedding Baby Breeze

[ 2.20.06 ] Clarity Hosting is a high-end design template with stunning graphics. Photoshop is required to edit some of the graphics. Earthy Wedding has a Javascript photo gallery, CSS layout, Flash rotator movie on the home page, and gorgeous, elegant layout.

[ 1.21.06 ] Baby Breeze is a light, fun web site great for a personal site or child-related site.

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Theme Updates...
Go to your member's area at PixelMill to download the new version, or email us with your receipt and we'll send it to you.

7.2.05 - New version of Blue Nebula! If you have previously purchased Blue Nebula (web site template) from PixelMill, you are eligible to purchase the new version at the upgrade price of $36. Contact JGT with your PixelMill username and/or the invoice number and we'll send you the discount coupon code.